Best Freelance Technical support In Nepal

Get the best technical support and get connected to different freelancers in Nepal. Know about Beeraz Banda and his personal skills which can help you with various digital business development methods.

Advanced skills in web related services and years of experienced team have been helping business modules in Nepal. Services related to web design & development, Internet marketing, Graphic works, and various technical supports are some examples of things we do.

Beside developing software for business, many Inhouse platforms have been developed and executed and implementing new systems in Nepalese market has always been in my area of interest. Let us connect and create a bond, so we can help each other better.

Know about Beeraz Banda

What do i do ?

With a good network of skilled peoples amazing things can be created and managed. Now with more then 30 different Freely Members, Me and my team are able to built up a community which work to benefit the society in many ways.

What we Produce out of those connections.

As being a freelancer in Web development and digital marking, building a Website and marketing it has always been my work and field of expertise. But with the connection of different other skilled peoples specially in related field makes me and my team stronger and better. Now with a team work we can handle larger projects with ease 

Research and Planning

“A Proper research and planning leads to a good growth” says our team leader Beeraz Banda. Nothing is more helpful then consulting with technical experts to grow your business in this era of technology.

team build Start working

Whether you’re trying to start a business or just gathering resources for its growth. After all good advices from skilled manpower will always come handy and those who works for you is the one you need to keep aside.

Easy access to resource

Connect with all the resources you need to grow your business and its services. Get required technical systems and human resource for your business growth. Stay connected with experts who can teach you spells of growth.

Social services is the best service to give

Be a Connection of yourself

Join our community to meet peoples like you who are willingly contributing their time and energy in the development of peoples around them. It always feels nice to maintain the system of give and take , rather then take and give.

Your growth. Your Way

Feel free to know me and comfortable to work with my team. you can contact us any time for any kind of Technical Solutions you seek. It will always be an honor to make someone overcome their difficulties.