Covid-19 Quarantine

My experience of Covid-19

It’s the covid-19 epidemic which has brought this world to rest. Every individuals has been fighting against it together on matter what their nationality is, color is or whatever religion they belief in or dis belief in. It’s a kind of terrors generated in us as a human being. And as far as seen, it infects only us not our pets or any of the animals we cared for. It is a fight against another species. Look at this scenario deeply and consciously. I think this is the time we all are united and dropped to a same pit hole by nature.

And the other way of thinking is it’s a kind of threat to us given to just keep quiet of everything we have been doing and look back what mess we have created to the world. The world wants us to know to mind our activities and re think about whatever we do doesn’t even makes a difference to the nature. It’s not the matter of good or bad it’s just the question of balance in everything.

 What difference does it makes to Covid -19 of who you are? Didn’t you had to fight against it by yourself as an individual for your family and society? No other than you have the choice to think for yourself and the world we live in. so the first thing we should be thinking about is the nature around us and the balance in the nature. The nature is not only the trees, we humans too have our nature isn’t it. We call it human nature. Look at it in a broad sense.

  Many peoples are forced to migrate and every individuals are locked downed to their homes. Peoples are sharing entertainment stuffs, methods to pass the time while they quarantined themselves, some of them have found more artistic ways to express themselves and their interests.  As a human race we all have been so proud of ourselves and has been racing with each other without knowing what kind of race and what’s the destination. Why not just stop everything and just look back for the betterment of future.

Things I have realize in this quarantined period.

  • Every humans are same no matter what they say or do. When it comes to term how we should live, let us be friendlier to nature then human beings coz even the humans are product of nature how can you forget the source.

  • No matter how much peoples talk about economic growth, the growth is always in comparison. We can see every country is shut down and every business is closed. Every economy is neutralized. But still the basic necessities can be fulfilled to everyone. I guess even more effectively and efficiently. Can’t we do this practice globally?

  • Peoples are conscious about their activities like what they have touched, how clean they are, to maintained unnecessary distance between other humans, hand shaking & hugging or any physical medium of contact is only the ways of greeting each other. We can develop or follow more efficient ways like “Namaste”.

  • Peoples are teaching better methods of doing things to everyone around them. Teaching to carry handkerchief, how they have to cover their faces when they sneeze or cough, we shouldn’t take our dirty hands to our mouth or eyes and many more. Aren’t these things taught to us in our elementary school?  But still needs a continuous reminder caring about their activities for the good. Why not in every aspect of life for their and our own betterment.

  • Most of our activities can be done more wisely with our closest ones and by caring everything and everyone in touched by us.

  • We just need some time and patience which we have a plenty. But the changes around the world create an illusion of moment. We need to understand and move along the everything so it feels effortless.